Meet Tierra, the CEO

Who is Tierra Bonds?

Tierra is a native of the Pacific Northwest from Lacey, Washington. People familiar with her see her as a hard-working, and ambitious leader. Tierra started Take Charge Credit Consulting to use these traits while doing something she loves: helping others.

A Little History on Tierra

She started working for Department of Corrections at age 17 and was there for six years. Her work ethic allowed her to receive promotions and gain valuable knowledge and skills that she still uses today. Although she loved her job, she knew there was more to life. Yes, she was helping the community; however, a more personal touch is what she was looking for. She decided to move on and become an independent contractor in the marketing industry. This position fit her lifestyle because of the flexibility and income, and it also got her away from the dull cubicle, but the personal touch on other’s lives’ was still missing. Seeking more purpose, seven years later she chose to enter the world of credit repair. Tierra Bonds has become an expert in the credit industry and is able to use her knowledge to help others changes their lives.

What the Future Holds for Take Charge Credit Consulting

Tierra has a huge interest in our youth and has identified self-esteem as part of our problem. “Our youth today lack self-esteem, confidence and positive idols. Without these, young boys and girls end up in negative situations. It is our job to change this. It is our job to be that idol that they are missing” – Tierra Bonds. Because of this, Take Charge Credit Consulting will host quarterly events to build self-esteem in our youth. A portion of the monthly service fee that each client pays will go towards these events.

Why Choose Take Charge Credit Consulting?

There are thousands of credit consulting agencies that you can choose from; however, there are numerous reasons to choose Take Charge Credit Consulting:

  • Compliant Certified
  • Affordable
  • Fast Results
  • Credit Education
  • Unlimited Deletions
  • Online Tracking
  • Cancel Anytime
  • 100% Secure
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